The first low cost carrental in Salento…

Carrental is different for us; We are going to explain it in a few simple steps:

  • No credit card
  • No tax added to daily price
  • Second driver always free
  • Maximum flexibility for the hire car redelivery
  • Low cost prices for every Salento place.
  • Hire car home delivery
  • Delivery with free shuttle service from Brindisi airport/ station ( for over three days rentals)
  • No  cancellation fee up to 7 days before car taking over.
  • Minimum daily km included in 200 km per days price

Then we are allowed to be the more flexible and cheaper  car rental in  Brindisi and Lecce province.  We have focused our presence in the Salento area because we have realized there is a shortage of car rental, since that many tourists animate our wonderfull land in the summer.


9 seats minibus hire

Is our car too small for your trip? There we are!

Salento autonoleggio has 9 seats minibus with excellent prices included in Rca insurance, theft and fire, driver, roadside assistance and courtesy car. You will travel comfortably without sacrificing our friends company.

Contact us  to 0832 728260 and fill the form below.


Rent our vans

For your: move, carriage, motorcycle carriage

Everymathing will be easy and tailor made for you.

Our prices:

You will have 12 hours usefull for our transports and purchases.  You can take your car at 8.00 o’clock and give it back at 20.00 o’clock or vice versa.

It costs 60 euro plus vat and includes RCA, roadside assistance, traveled 100 km included.

You will save money and get more time for your  carriage and move with this  formula. It is designed to give you maximum hourly flexibility. You can take your van on Friday afternoon and give it back on Monday morning by 9.00 o’clock. It includes 400 km included and RCA.

You can take your van  on Friday and give it back on Monday by 9:00 o’clock or take it on Saturday and give it back on Monday by 18.00 o’clock.

The fee includes unlimited km, double driver, RCA , roadside assistance, global SAI assistance, luggage *, delivery service at Papola-Casale Airport or at Brindisi station.

Extra: an addition charge of 20 € for drivers between 19 and 25.

(*)= Carrello Portapacchi in dotazione da richiedere al momento della prenotazione o il ritiro del furgone a noleggio

It costs 100€ plus vat and includes RCA, roadside assistance, 250 km journey.

Extra: an addition charge of 20 € for drivers between 19 and 25.


  • Second driver
  • Delivery at Brindisi airport and station for over three days rental.

Contact us  to +39 0831 726280 and fill the form below.


Rental car is up to you at long last!

If you choose home car delivery option, we will bring car to you…hotel, tourist agency, b&b, farm…in any Salento place. We drive with you from your arrival to your departure. You can also decide to give your car back in a place other than the pick up. For example, Train stations, Brindisi airport. We let you decide  where to take or return car.

You have only to call our offices and agree where to collect car. Nothing easier than a phone call…. And remember:  no credit card obligation!

What are you waiting for? Book your car and choose the best for your holidays!